Threefold Epic Rip-Roaring Super-Hero Twenties

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I have a few unexpected minutes and I will put them to good use with a quick bonus review in the mid-week.

I highly recommend that people get hold of the Grimnoir Chronicles by Larry Correia of Monster Hunter International fame.

Hard Magic is the first of three books set in an alternate history depression-era America.  What’s different?  People mysteriously developed magic powers in the 1850’s, and some of those powers involve classic pulp-sci-fi themes like death rays and airships mixed right in.  This series is action-packed, well-written, and has a rock-solid consistent magic system.  Correia’s characters are bold, unique, and vibrant as if they stepped out of a radio broadcast of The Shadow.

Correia’s a libertarian-turned-Mormon so there is a strong theme of virtue, redemption, courage, dedication, and good deeds.  The family values crowd will absolutely love it.  The three books are well-written, fit nicely together, and flow into a seamless whole like the very best of trilogies.  Even really good authors like Jim Butcher stumble a bit with their opening books, but this was Correia’s second series and he comes through like a champ.  Actives, those who can bring serious magic into play, have a variety of dynamic powers that really count, some of them standard and a few that were refreshing and unique.  That’s a great blend of homage to earlier work without being completely derivative.  The alternate history of Germany was also impressive, and Japan as the evil world-threatening empire (for a very good reason!) was great without being racist or unoriginal.

I’m searching my brain for something negative to say about these book series to prove that I actually read them.  I can’t even complain that there is no faith in this book.  There is, and those who have it really live through with it.  Those who worship honor, really follow honor like their soul’s highest meaning.

But I’ve got nothing.  Go get these now.

Highly recommended.

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