The Fall of Tour Hote

#3.  The Fall of Tour Hote on Kindle


Nothing remains between the Beast Lord invaders and the ancient fortress of Tour Hote. A mixture of Kroyant and Martel forces gather their resources and prepare for the fight of their lives. In this crucible of battle the three young warriors of Tour Hote will come into their own power with the fate of a nation on their shoulders.

Ryan MacOrin, heir to the ancient kingdom that built the fortress, now faces the very enemies who destroyed his ancestors’ kingdom centuries ago. All of the powers of the Orion Kings couldn’t stop the Beast Lords, but Ryan MacOrin has chosen to stand and fight, despite the prophecy that says he has three days to live.

Leif Martel has regained his strength in heart and body. He has taken up arms as a Knight of the Royal Guard. He is the heir to three centuries of warrior tradition, and the Beast Lords who have come for his family’s kingdom will have to go through him first.

Sven of Wolfsbane has won his freedom among the invading armies. He left as an outlaw, and he will return with an army at his back. But Sven of Wolfsbane and his magical allies have not come to save Tour Hote but to conquer it, and they’ll kill anyone who stands in their way.

Thus begins the final battle for the most powerful fortress in Lagrandil. It is a clash of swords and flesh, faith and courage, hatred and revenge. Prophecy, history, and the dreams of men all agree on one thing: The hand that wins the fortress of Tour Hote will hold the power to rule the world.

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