The following novels are for sale in e-book format from (Kindle).  Click on the titles for full descriptions, links for book sales, and free sample chapters!

The Slave of Tour Hote

The Lord of Tour Hote

The Song of Lagrandil

The Song of Lagrandil is a story of swords and sorcery, plots and intrigue, miracles and magic, wrapped in a fast-paced mix of science fiction and fantasy.

Fall of Tour Hote Cover

The Trials of Adrian Campbell #1


The Trials of Adrian Campbell

After fifteen years on the run Adrian Campbell must turn and face the Shadow War, the conflict of monsters and magic that rages hidden behind the streets of modern America, where Nephilim heroes chose paths of light and darkness with the fate of millions in the balance.  This super-hero action adventure uses Nephilim to explore faith and grace with fast-paced plotting and snarky banter.

Darkblade 2nd Edition Kindle Cover
The 2nd Edition Cover on

Darkblade is a full-on space opera.  Magic and technology clash in the stars as two powerful forces race to uncover a lost ship of unimaginable power.  Swords and sorcery against faith and firearms will decide the fate of starships, and the faithful’s best hope is the mysterious champion called Darkblade.

St. GThe Pilgrim's Chapel as a book coveravin’s Ghost Book 1

The heir to the greatest martial arts tradition of his world can no longer hide a shameful secret, but when he is cast out of his order he finds his quest for justice has only begun.

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