The Lord of Tour Hote

#2.  The Lord of Tour Hote on Kindle

The Lord of Tour HoteTHE WAR BEGINS…

Ryan MacOrin came to the Martel Kingdom as a slave, and became the heir to an ancient power beyond imagination. The fortress of Tour Hote has come alive for the first time in centuries. But the Orion Legacy contains a deadly secret. Ryan struggles to survive as the legacy begins to kill him from within. He has to win, because it isn’t just his life on the line. Without the powers of Tour Hote the Martel Kingdom is surely doomed.

Leif Martel survived Helen’s attempted coup, but Ryan’s miraculous powers can do nothing to heal the wounds to his heart and mind. The young warrior must confront his inner demons and regain his strength if he is to fight beside those he loves. His family’s enemies multiply, and he is determined to meet them with sword in hand, and prove himself a Martel Prince, or die in the attempt.

Richard De Bois and his brother Jefta the Gray Wanderer have gone to the fortress abbey of Bait Oak. They will fight alongside Prince Thule Martel to bring the invasion to a halt. Every hour they hold the abbey is another hour for their people to prepare. But their plans never imagined the Beast Lords’ true numbers, or the strength of their dark magic. Surrounded and outnumbered, The struggle for victory will become a desperate fight for survival!

The Beast Lord Helen North Star has a plan. The battle for Bait Oak will be her chance to rise from disgrace and assume power among the Feesdaytwal invaders. But she can’t do it alone. She must give her newest slave a chance to fight for his freedom.

Sven of Wolfsbane is trapped as a slave in a dark foreign culture of enslavement and exploitation. Only the strong will survive here, but Sven will prove his strength, even if his quest for freedom means a fight to the death.

The Song of Lagradil continues in this second installment. Armies clash. Assassins creep from the shadows. Beliefs and worldviews battle for supremacy from the king’s court to the back alleys, and only one thing is certain. This is a battle not just for the mastery of the Martel people. It is a war waged for their very souls.

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