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Change in Plans and A Status Update

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Here is a quick re-post of some thoughts with a mentor of mine talking about new directions for my limited free time as a storyteller.

I have been wasting time working on audiobooks in an attempt to break through, but that has always been dependent on the efforts of others who do not value the project as I do.

So, if I drop audiobooks until people are willing to pay ME to produce them (as in I have achieved enough popularity that someone sees profit in it), then I can better divide my very limited free time in order to focus on telling original stories, doing ministry work, and getting back into shape.

I’m through begging, bothering, or paying other people to try and value my work the way that I do. Back to the free market, and people will pay me what I’m worth when I’m producing something worth their pay.

One less iron in the fire.

I’m praying for your success.

A Beta Reader

I appreciate it. Man, it would be nice to write full time during the day and spend the night on ministry, family/friends, and martial arts.

But as it is, I still have a few people who come up to me and tell me it matters, or that my stories and messages bless them. So, if I spend all my life working a day job and crank out only 20 or so novels that help a handful of folks, well… the results are in God’s hands. The effort is in mine.

Speaking of effort: Here is the current update on the three books currently in progress.

  • Giant’s Rage (Adrian Campbell Book 3) 145,000 words
  • Shards of Tour Hote (Song of Lagrandil Book 4) 30,000 words.
  • Saint Gavin’s Ghost (The Gray Wanderer Book 1) 303,000 words

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