The Slave of Tour Hote

The Song of Lagrandil is a story of swords and sorcery, plots and intrigue, miracles and magic, wrapped in a fast-paced mix of science fiction and fantasy.

Tour Hote Slave Fin

#1.  The Slave of Tour Hote on Kindle


In the year 317 After Remembering, the Martel Kingdom is the mightiest realm in Lagrandil, but it stands under the shadow of invasion and death. King Alfred Martel contends with assassins and plots.

Captain Richard De Bois stands at his king’s side, but the greatest swordsman of his generation cannot defeat an enemy he cannot find.

Prince Leif Martel is coming of age in a time of crisis for all Lagrandil. The assassination attempt on his life is only the beginning of his troubles.

Helen North Star is a foreigner with healing magic and a talent for causing division, but is she merely another ambitious youth seeking power, or the herald of something much darker?

Jefta the Gray Wanderer is the hero of song and legend. He comes to Tour Hote bearing a warning of a greater danger than anyone has faced since Before Remembering, but can he save the Martels without reveal his own secrets?

And how are all of their stories linked to the mysterious slave boy Hengist, who came from nowhere and has no memory of his previous life? Can he rediscover his identity before the secrets of his past destroy his new home?


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