Is This For Real?

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I was going to tyoe up a lot on this but Evan said ny opening points better than I could.

(Love - Truth) = Hate

Someone did me the kindness of bringing me to see the Heaven is For Real movie.  It was sweet and deeply emotional and moving.  It could tug the heartstrings of the coldest heart.

Fortunately, my heart is not so much cold as made of clockwork.  Thus, it has little in the way of springs to tug.

Still, the movie was more saccharine than a cement truck of syrup.  After watching it, despite my cold unfeeling heart, I immediately needed to get a shot of insulin.

First thing’s first:  this is not a review of the book or any of the other related material, which I have not analysed because I am poor and nobody has bought me a copy.  Movies by nature have to leave a lot of things out, and while I have no doubt I would find a nit or two to pick with the book (I always have…

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