Turnabout: Other People’s Reviews of Me

Turnabout is fair play!  Here is what other people are saying about the things I’ve written!

That is what I so appreciate about your writings; the Christian characters sometimes commit actual sin and need to repent, and though they receive forgiveness, the sin they committed leads to consequences that do not disappear immediately.
-Karen Hart, director of Keys Ministry, on The Song of Lagrandil

An epic tale with themes that will ring true for everybody, and adventure that will have your heart racing!
I definitely enjoyed this novel, I thought the characters were believable and compelling, the premise was thoroughly intriguing, and some of the fight scenes were just epic!
I also thoroughly appreciated the religious themes that were sown throughout; it avoided two pitfalls that I have seen in many other ‘christian fantasy’ books, either the awkward preachy-ness that feels shoved in out of place to back hand you in the face with it’s Sunday school message, that or the simplification of God down to just another source of magic power, fireworks, and lasers. This novel fell into neither of these, and I thoroughly appreciated that, and did it in a way that no matter your background this is worth a read!
Greatly looking forward to the sequel!
-Amazon.com starred review for The Slave of Tour Hote

The Song of Lagrandil books are a lot deeper and more powerful than Burns’s other stuff, without being one whit less fun. If you like medieval fantasy at all, Tolkien, Kurtz, Hickman and Weis, read this book. It’s an excellent entry into the genre of epic fantasy, and well worth your time.
-Barnes and Noble starred review for The Slave of Tour Hote

Action packed, hilarious, and as snarky as a cat (as I imagine them to be), Pushing Back is a thrill ride from start to finish.
-Amazon starred review for Pushing Back

Read it straight through. Its a good story that moves along, but covers some good depth to the very unique characters. The mythology behind this story is very thought provoking as well.
-Amazon starred review for Pushing Back

Pushing Back is an amazing and astounding read not only for young adults but any fan of Sci-Fi fantasy novels. In Pushing back Bruce brought true and real life drama to life in this page turner as well as fundamental Christian values and belief. PUSHING BACK is a book I would highly recommend its a little Jim Butcher meet Jerry B. Jenkins/Tim Lahay… I like that it shows our spiritual battles as well as personal battles real people face daily.  Excellent book. I WILL HAVE MY KIDS READ THIS BOOK AS WELL!!! AMAZING JOB FROM A TALENTED WRITER.
-Amazon starred review for Pushing Back

I was captivated… Bravo! This book is written with an unambiguous Christian theme. If you hate Christians, don’t bother with this one. However if you are one of us, and a fantasy fan, this book will make it to the top of your list of favorites.
-Amazon starred review for Shifting Gears

Thoughtful sequel to pushing back. A great follow up to a hard to beat novel.
-Barnes and Noble starred review for Shifting Gears

I have been following this author for some time now and am amazed at his ability to tackle the very difficult concepts in life with a loving Christian spirit. I would recommend this book to anyone but especially homosexuals who have an open mind and Christian who have are able to question there beliefs. If Christians could show the love for others that are in Bruce’s books the church would grow in leaps and bounds.
-Amazon starred review for The Rogue of An Dinas

Yet another one of Bruce Burns’ stories that I enjoyed a lot!
I loved the characters (Queen Olivia is one of my new favorites), each of their stories, and I think he created the greatest villain.
The author switched perspectives of characters at just the right moments and had just enough cliff hangers to make me want to bop him over the head with a foam sword….multiple times….(Hey that’s not fair…I want to know what happens to so-and-so!) It was a brilliant way to keep me hooked into the story.
-Amazon starred review for The Slave of Tour Hote

As a science fiction and fantasy enthusiast, I highly, HIGHLY recommend this book by Bruce Burns!
Great story with compelling and riveting characters – I was nearly crying over one in less than a page! Excellent fight scenes with swords, magic, and bare hands that make your heart race and palms sweat! AND…It is all written with a moral foundation I can fully and completely support!
PLUS…he is a fellow martial artist and instructor from Bemidji!… You should buy this book for yourself, no buy 2 copies!

You will not be disappointed!

-Facebook review.


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