Silent Mountain Overtime

Writing The Curse of Silent Mountain is heavily into overtime.

My point of view is that it isn’t a missed deadline, it’s additional awesome.

To put things into perspective, The Rogue of An Dinas was 45,000 words long.  That’s 80 pages of single-spaced words on my word processor.  The Curse of Silent Mountain is at 145,000 words and counting, and is over 220 pages long so far.  So the delay is much longer than between smaller books.

When I originally plotted this series, it was for 20 books at around 50,000 words each.  The Curse of Silent Mountain came into its current form when the plot lines of books two through four were so closely intertwined that I could either start the series with a sequence of cliff-hanger novels, or I could write one novel with three books worth of plot arcs inside it.

I chose option B.  The Curse of Silent Mountain is now the second-longest novel that I’ve ever written, and it’s heading steadily for 2nd place.

I would love to tell you more, but I have to go write more!


Curse of Silent Mountain Cover!

The cover art is in for the next St. Gavin’s Ghost book: The Curse of Silent Mountain.

If you haven’t read book one in the series, it is still available as a free promotion through December 1st at!

Without further ado…

The cover in question!


Cover Design:

Grateful Promotion Explosion

It’s the start of day three in my five-day promotion!
I made the first book in each of my novel series free from Black Friday through December 1st.
You’ve made it such a smashing success already that I had to thank you in person!

That’s the whole point of the promotion in the first place, that I couldn’t have done it without you!

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Double Bestselling Thank You

Happy BruceYesterday I began my Black Friday thank you deal, to offer the first novels of each of my series for free.  I don’t make a dime off of these, but I wanted to share my books as a way of saying thank you to all the fans who read them, reviewed them, and threatened me with great bodily harm if I didn’t write the next ones.

You stepped up and made the first day of my promotion a roaring success.  Here are the results from one day with my awesome readers.  A pair of best-sellers in their genres!

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Rogue of An Dinas free promo day 1 11272015

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Slave of Tour Hote Free promo day 1 11272015

It’s because of YOU, dear readers, that I have two books competing with one another in the top 100 in their genre.  That’s the whole reason why I’m doing this thank you!

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Pushing Back, the first of the Adrian Campbell urban fantasy books, will be on sale for free November 28th through December 1st.  There was a glitch in Amazon’s system processing my promotion, and this was the earliest fix we could get.

Black Friday Freestyle

[Note: is experiencing some delays implementing the sale.  It’s a busy day for retail. I will keep you posted.  BB 2:33am 11/27

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I’m so thankful for my readers that I’m offering you a chance to share the adventure you love with people you love, or a chance to treat yourself to a series you haven’t bought yet.  My Black Friday isn’t a deal at all.  It’s not a steal.  You can’t steal what I’m giving away!

What is an author most thankful for?  You, my readers!  To share my appreciation with those who have joined me on adventures, sword fights, starship battles, chase scenes, for everyone who has threatened me bodily harm if I don’t type the next book for everything yesterday, I offer you my thanks…


Tour Hote Slave FinJoin an amnesiac slave boy in the race to regain his identity before the secrets of his past destroy his new home.  Swords, sorcery, and space-age technology collide in The Slave of Tour Hote.

Pushing Back

Follow Adrian Campbell on a race across supernatural Minnesota in the dead of winter, and the agents dispatched to stop him before his inhuman nature forces him to kill again!  Pushing Back.

The Pilgrim's Chapel as a book cover

When the youngest Knight of An Dinas is caught betraying the code that upheld civilization for seven centuries on the lost colony of Salasia, he stumbles onto a conspiracy that will reshape his world.  The epic serial fantasy begins with The Rogue of An Dinas.


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Pushing Back (The Trials of Adrian Campbell Book 1) on Kindle.

The Trials of Adrian Campbell #1

Adrian Campbell is on a mission. He’s racing against the clock across the forests of northern Minnesota. He has until midnight to save the world. Before the night is through he must face ice monsters, werewolves, vampires, and more in order to reach his goal. It’s an inhuman task, but Adrian Campbell will face it with a wry inner commentary and the powers that make him more than human…

Agents Hale and Reynolds are on a mission. They’re tracking down a man who’s gone missing in the middle of a bloodbath in Akron, Ohio. A twisting trail of interviews, lost files, and mysterious clues keeps indicating that there is more going on than meets the eye. Hale and Reynolds are no stranger to the supernatural, and they’re determined to find Adrian Campbell before he kills again…

The paths of both quests lead to the northern woods of Minnesota in the dead of winter. Supernatural forces are gathering there under the mysterious agenda of QuelleBiotech Incorporated. Three different goals will clash in the cold and the darkness. It is a battle waged with martial arts and firearms, magic spells and ancient faith.
Pushing Back is a supernatural action-adventure. It mixes Christian themes with a breakneck pace and plenty of swashbuckling action.

5-Days of Darkblade! Free Kindle ebook!

To celebrate the switch to Kindle Unlimited, my standalone space opera adventure Darkblade is available on for $0.00 Monday through Friday this week!  (11-16-2015 through 11-20-2015).

Starships, swords, sorcery, chases, battles, and an ancient mystery await in this excellent introduction to my fictional world!

Darkblade Kindle Cover

[This Second Edition has been updated with new maps, table of contents, re-edited and released for the tenth anniversary of its first publication in 2004.]


Caith Moore is Mighty, one of the enhanced warriors that fight the battles between every Great House of the Overlords for dominance in the Hyperspace Web. Each house has its own brand of enhancement, and Caith wields supernatural Powers as well as the fearsome Mnemonic implant. He is the greatest warrior of his generation. But when his best friend reaches to the only forbidden power, Faith, Caith must put him down. Now he is bent on revenge. He will find the Fanatics who made him kill his friend, and bring them to justice.

But the Fanatic captain Deacon Rider is on a quest of his own. He has a lead on a Black Ship, an ancient artifact of untold power that could deliver his people from oppression once and for all. The two will race across the Hyperspace Web in a contest that can have only one winner, with the fate of a hundred worlds hanging in the balance.