Double Bestselling Thank You

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Happy BruceYesterday I began my Black Friday thank you deal, to offer the first novels of each of my series for free.  I don’t make a dime off of these, but I wanted to share my books as a way of saying thank you to all the fans who read them, reviewed them, and threatened me with great bodily harm if I didn’t write the next ones.

You stepped up and made the first day of my promotion a roaring success.  Here are the results from one day with my awesome readers.  A pair of best-sellers in their genres!

The Rogue of An Dinas hit #13 in the Free Kindle Store for futuristic Christian fantasy!  It’s also #55 for Religious Science Fiction and Fantasy!  That’s 2 top 100 charts just today!

Rogue of An Dinas free promo day 1 11272015

The Slave of Tour Hote reached #32 in Christian Fantasy and #44 in Religious Science Fiction and Fantasy!

Slave of Tour Hote Free promo day 1 11272015

It’s because of YOU, dear readers, that I have two books competing with one another in the top 100 in their genre.  That’s the whole reason why I’m doing this thank you!

It isn’t over!  They’re still free for you, your friends and your family through December 1st, 2015!

Pushing Back, the first of the Adrian Campbell urban fantasy books, will be on sale for free November 28th through December 1st.  There was a glitch in Amazon’s system processing my promotion, and this was the earliest fix we could get.

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