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[Note: is experiencing some delays implementing the sale.  It’s a busy day for retail. I will keep you posted.  BB 2:33am 11/27

The Rogue of An Dinas is available for free on Kindle ebook. 2:42am]

I’m so thankful for my readers that I’m offering you a chance to share the adventure you love with people you love, or a chance to treat yourself to a series you haven’t bought yet.  My Black Friday isn’t a deal at all.  It’s not a steal.  You can’t steal what I’m giving away!

What is an author most thankful for?  You, my readers!  To share my appreciation with those who have joined me on adventures, sword fights, starship battles, chase scenes, for everyone who has threatened me bodily harm if I don’t type the next book for everything yesterday, I offer you my thanks…


Tour Hote Slave FinJoin an amnesiac slave boy in the race to regain his identity before the secrets of his past destroy his new home.  Swords, sorcery, and space-age technology collide in The Slave of Tour Hote.

Pushing Back

Follow Adrian Campbell on a race across supernatural Minnesota in the dead of winter, and the agents dispatched to stop him before his inhuman nature forces him to kill again!  Pushing Back.

The Pilgrim's Chapel as a book cover

When the youngest Knight of An Dinas is caught betraying the code that upheld civilization for seven centuries on the lost colony of Salasia, he stumbles onto a conspiracy that will reshape his world.  The epic serial fantasy begins with The Rogue of An Dinas.


Whether you’re a fan of swords-and-horses fantasy, urban fantasy, martial arts action, or science fiction, I think you’ll find something to appreciate.  Don’t waste time!  Treat a friend!  Indulge yourself!  This deal runs from Black Friday through December 1st, and then it’s gone.

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