Which Book?!

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Hey Faithful Readers,

Rather than repeat this question, I thought it would be best to re-post my response to a question from LinkedIn.

I’m so glad I could take a few minutes to read your profile – I had no idea you had so many talents 🙂 If someone were to buy only one of your books on Amazon, which would you recommend?

Hi Angele,

My book recommendation varies by reader. The Slave of Tour Hote is a mix of action and court intrigue, and I am the most proud of that trilogy. My best selling book is Pushing Back, which is a bit more juvenile in tone but is a short and rompy super hero adventure. My most serious piece, and that isn’t saying a lot, is my recently released The Rogue of An Dinas, which deals with some concepts of colonialism and the conflict between socio-religious norms and homosexuality. Then there is a stand alone story called Darkblade, which is space opera.

So… for younger readers I go with Pushing Back or Darkblade. For people who love to read I recommend The War of Tour Hote because it has the complete story (though the editing is a bit sketchy). The quickest read and cheapest would be The Rogue of An Dinas.

Sorry to give such a complex answer to a simple question, but the right story needs the right audience.

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