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In twenty-four hours, the St. Gavin’s Ghost series will disappear from

A year ago I was returning to school for a new degree. After my recent stroke I have had to cut back on some jobs, and an extra course through college is exactly the sort of stress the doctors say will kill me.

So I am back to life as an aspiring artist, working on my books as my highest priority. The story of Robert Cooper and the adventures that await him in unjust exile for his forbidden love will be back, in long form by this time next year with even more swashbuckling, airships, heliographs, monstrous races, and colonial intrigue. In order to tell the story as I would like, I will be releasing it in long-novel form.

The original plan was for about eighteen chapter-sized episodes and then a large trilogy to finish the story of the original Gray Wanderer and the rise of order in a world of chaos and danger. The revised plan will be for four or five much larger novels that covers the story of the lost colonies of men beneath the shifting skies. Then one final novel will cap the series. I hope to release one novel every year or so over the course of the next decade.

BUT, since I have never lent anyone the first chapter of The Rogue of An Dinas and had them say they weren’t interested in the second chapter (and all the others), I will leave the first three episode-length novels for sale for the next twenty-four hours in case those who were on the fence want to get started on the upcoming epic.

The first three books cover about half of the story that will be released in the epic novel St. Gavin’s Ghost in summer of 2020.

Upcoming Works:

Here is a quick schedule of coming book releases for your enjoyment:

September 2019: Sergeant Lurpak and the Squid People, a Space Invader’s Guide to Human Interaction

In this light-hearted devotional book, a young space-worm is sent to Earth in the synthetic body of a fourteen-year-old boy. In order to survive where all other alien scouts have perished, the young worm must rely on the advice of his hard-charging mentor, Sergeant Lurpak, and a stolen copy of the enemy Engineer’s blueprints about human nature and the purpose of life.

Autumn 2019: Giant’s Rage

The third book in The Trials of Adrian Campbell crosses from light reading to epic length, and our angsty supernatural hero has problems to match. Packs of law-student werewolves, government kill squads, and something… British this way comes. With new sidekicks and old, Adrian must face off against a threat from beyond this world!

Winter 2020: First Degree Burns

The first-ever short story collection will tell stories from across the established worlds of my fiction. The stories will tell tales from Lagrandil, where sorcery, faith, and super-science vie for control of the last continent of a forgotten world. Stories from the Shadow War will include the first meeting of agents Hale and Reynolds during the Vietnam War in “Jungle Book”. In the world of The Hyperspace Web even the good guys lose some battles. “Doing Time” will tell the story of Oliver Seeker’s trip to the deadliest prison in known space. Beneath the Shifting Skies of Nemed, Robert Cooper’s exile takes a strange and violent turn in “Hurling Day,” when the whole town goes mad!

The book will also include the first glimpse at a high fantasy world of magical races, political intrigue, and… professional sports teams? Captain Sami Grip-Fang and his team of misfits will have to win at the Grand Duke’s tournament or hang in “Offsides”.

Spring 2020: The Son of Crystal Valley

The second Lagrandil Trilogy begins. The fall of a mighty army has scattered heroes and villains alike across the last continent of a forgotten world. The survivors, good and evil alike, will face new threats, challenges, and opportunities for power as the saga moves beyond the scope of one kingdom into the continent at large. The choices made during the Fall of Tour Hote continue to echoe forward through time, and the prophecy that foretells the doom of Lagrandil continues to unfold.

Summer 2020: Saint Gavin’s Ghost

Together in one place, the first epic novel tells story of Robert Cooper, the exiled Knight of An Dinas, and Gavin St. Just, cybernetic ghost of the starship captain who first brought humanity to this unknown and hostile world. One fights to regain his honor in a corrupt and treasonous world of swords and intrigue. The other fights to regain the stars that were humanity’s birthright before the cataclysmic crash that erased the civilization he served. Together they must uncover a plot of murder and rebellion between two warring nations before a threat from beyond the stars can doom them all.

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