1. Have you ever read any Pern books? (By Anne McCaffrey) There’s like a million. My favorites are the Harper-related ones.

    Or how about The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner? One of the first post-Harry Potter books I read that had a plot and characters I respected and enjoyed as least as much as HP, maybe more. Also several sequels that are good.

    Or, have you ever read Dealing with Dragons (Wrede)? One of my favorite comedic fantasy books. About a feisty, fencing-lesson-receiving princess. And dragons. Even my pretty dudely housemate loved it! Also has decentish sequels.

    1. Hi Rebekah!
      I have not read any of the Pern books, and they have come back to mind this year in the furor about one of McCaffrey’s associate and contemporary Marion Zimmer Bradley. I probably should check them out at some point.
      I will probably add those on the To Read list.

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