How to get stuff done.

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Works for me… Haidong! L’Escrime! Shim Soo!

Shoulder Shark

Sitting around, desperate for motivation?  Longing to do something, but you can’t bring yourself to do it?

Here’s how I get over it.

  1. Take up some sort of swordsmanship.  It is essential that this is a paid class, so you will be motivated to show up on time and to do the work without whining (whining doesn’t actually stop it from sucking or garner the sympathy of your teachers or classmates).
  2. When the desire to do something awesome strikes, but the motivation is lacking…
  3. Watch a short video or read a short story about awesome swordsmen being awesome.
  4. Now you are pumped to practice your swordsmanship.  Go outside, grab your sword, and run through everything you know.
  5. Go back to your workspace and ride the endorphin rush to productivity.

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