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For the past five months or so I have wrangled with the plot format to the Adrian Campbell series of urban fantasy novels.  The problem is that the scope and reach of the story are about to expand in format-changing ways.

For a while I planned the next three books as a trilogy of stories between 150k and 200k words apiece.  That’s about triple the size of the original books for every one.

It doesn’t fit the flow and feel of the first two novels very well at all.

Both the Adrian Campbell series and the Gray Wanderer books planned to be set at the dawn of the Song of Lagrandil world lend themselves to smaller, faster episodes very much like a television series instead of larger novels.

But that seems to be a pretty radical idea.  I have seen two or three books published like that (The Green Mile, and I would argue The Nightside books 1-7 by Simon R Green fit this format as well).

Since Pushing Back is the most popular thing that I’ve written so far, I wanted to bounce the idea off of my readers for thoughts or comments.

The original plot outline for Adrian Campbell lends itself well to maybe a 7-12 short-novel series where the Gray Wanderer books were plotted as a 21-episode series.from the start, since the guy you know… wanders…

Other things on the writer’s back burner: The Pirate King is the tentative title of book 4 in the Song of Lagrandil.   The Gremlin Equation would be the plot of my first openly secular story attempt (see notes on C.S.Lewis’ space trilogy sometime).

So, those are my current thoughts.


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