Bonus Karate: Writing Exercise

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One of my favorite jobs in the world was fight choreographer.  It combines teaching, storytelling, and martial arts in a unique way that is team oriented to entertain and build others up instead of beating others down.

One of my current favorite American fight choreographers is a guy called V.J. Vlad.  Some of his stunt team have gone pro in big ways, not with their own movies as such, but if you catch one of their demo tapes you will recognize the odd scene.

For this weekend’s Bonus I want to treat you to one of V.J. Vlad’s latest offerings: A Japanese Karate fight for the screen.

I would like to offer this up as a writing exercise.  Watch it once for fun. Then watch it again to see how you would describe the fighting.  Who is the hero in your mind?  The villain?  What do you think goes through the fighter’s heads?  What are they feeling?  If you are extra ambitious you may want to think about why you think two master karate fighters are meeting in the hills away from civilization?  Is this a duel?  A training session?  My personal favorite is the disgraced student returning to prove his worth against the honored heir to the dojo who framed him so many years ago and drove him into exile, where he trained endlessly…

Obviously I have a great passion for B-level Kung Fu stories.

That’s just what my brain thinks up.  What does yours provide?

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