Mother’s Night Out

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I just got back from Mom’s Night Out.

I laughed so hard that I cried.

There were no off moments in this film.  Hilarious guest appearances by Trace Adkins and Manuel Reyes of Group 1 Crew only added spice to a superlative family-friendly comedy.

I spent the first ten minutes of the film fighting back tears of laughter.  There was an excellent mix of drama and mother-affirming soft-core Christian message mixed in, but that is not what makes this film stand out.  There are some over-the-top moments but the true strength of the story is the humor of true life.  Parenthood sometimes approached what this film achieves with none of the raunch or off-color humor.

Most secular films do not have such a crisp sense of timing, or try half as hard as this film’s producers, screen writers, and actors.  Everything works here.


I am going to own this movie, but I may have to see it in theaters at least two more times.

I very rarely give completely unmixed reviews.

I do not endorse this movie.  I demand that you go see it.



Simply superlative.

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