God’s Not Dead the Winter Soldier told me so…

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Hi everyone!

Here is my dashboard review of God’s Not Dead.

And here is my review of the latest Captain America film, in which I also talk about Epic storytelling as a genre because it was the best way to describe how awesome this film is!


  1. Have not seen God’s Not Dead. It’s good that you included the couple things you did appreciate, because that list of negatives was really piling up 😀 The film seems to me to be very illustrative of mainstream Christianity as it’s experienced/practiced today. The point you made about the focus on God arguments instead of Ressurection confessing (and arguing of course) is HUGE. As time goes on I’m beginning to regard arguments for the existence of God as very nearly a waste of time. Everyone already knows there is A God. That fact, even if confessed, hardly gets you anywhere close to the God who created man, became man, and died for man to raise man from death that man brought on himself to begin with.

    Other points:
    Coincidences are actually God’s will – bugs me too. Not just because it’s wrong, but because I often have to stop myself from putting weight on them.

    Cardboard characters – I don’t watch many films of this nature, but this seems to be a consistent issue.

    Feelings as arguments – widespread firsthand experience.

    4th commandment disregard – I think this is ridiculously common in films these days. So many plots are built on this foundation, and then the parents/authority might even concede or condone it.

    Teachers IRL are openly anti-Christian – experience with this in high school and college.

    I talk about the philosophy semester I took in high school a lot, but it was so fascinating to sit through. Honestly I think it may have been the theist students themselves who would have caused the most problems to a new/weak Christian. I was shocked at how ridiculously messy my classmates’ theologies were. (Stopping here for the sake of not rambling and talking to myself)

  2. I DID see Captain America, and all I’ll say is that the Cap’s relationship/interaction with Bucky was the most interesting and engaging part of the film. I think they handled it wonderfully and it really captured my attention. (Also I appreciated the narrow focus of the story, as you pointed out, a LOT)

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