Riding Shotgun

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Hello all.

This fair warning that I simply can’t find the time to type out my typical thousand-word reviews of novels while working 75 hours a week.

To say nothing of people who have threatened my health and well-being in various calibers if I don’t finish Giant’s Rage by summer.

I’m still interested in doing reviews, but it looks like Lagrandil-com will be going dash-cam across the northern plains.  The bad news is that I really don’t have time to put fancy video tricks.  Also, plus side, this includes a repeated tour of God’s creation, to be appreciated but not worshiped.

The good news is that in the same fifteen minutes it takes me to put together half of a typed review, I can put together some ten thousand words of spoken dialogue.  With inflection, even…

So brace yourselves.  God’s Not Dead, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and The Stars Come Back, by Rolf Nelson, are up for review this week.  I am currently working on a review for Larry Correia’s Spellbound by week’s end.

Also, these videos are going up on my apologetics website on Youtube.  Check out more Bruce the Monk videos at your leisure.

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