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Hello Readers!

To celebrate the end of NaNoWriMo and to promote my book series in time for the holidays, I am announcing my Christmas Book Sale!!!

Do you know a nerd?  Do you know a teen or adult who loves action, heroes, sword fights, martial arts, space battles, super powers, and who would enjoy stories that have those things mixed in with some serious thoughts about God, faith, and relationships!

What?! You say?  Cans’t be possible?!  Yea, verily!  Swords and spirituality are not the sole dominion of Lucasfilm and laser swords.  I bring good news of great nerdy joy, that the true spirituality of the Living God can be put to the sort of action stories most people only associate with Daoism of The Last Airbender or Zen Buddhism of Star Wars.

Oh, and when I say Christianity, I write about where the Most High hits the meat of life.  You can go to Moody or Christian book stores to find tons of stories where people just say “Jesus” and everything turns out all right, but have you noticed that real life almost never works out that way?  I started writing many years ago asking high school and junior high Bible camp kids what the big issues in their lives were.  The order varied only slightly for the same answers: God, sex, drugs, and faith.

So that’s what I write about.  I try and tell a good story that you can enjoy just for the romping good action, fun characters, and special effects budget no movie could afford.  But when faith shows up it deals with the real life things I see in real lives, and I try to show how the Gospel really impacts it.  So I’ve got fallen warriors, homosexual strugglers, abuse survivors, people who face physical danger, and other serious thoughts right alongside sword fights, martial arts, hidden spaceships, and super powers.  Real grace for real problems alongside action-packed stories is the theme.

Curious yet?

If you want to check my books out, or you can think of someone who could use a literary stocking stuffer, consider making a gift of the books this Christmas!  I’m willing to take a major hit in profits to get my name out there since I just finished school and many more books are coming up!

Here are the savings now through Christmas!

If you like swords, horses, magic, and mysticism alongside your Christian faith, check out the Song of Lagrandil series.
The Slave of Tour Hote, The Lord of Tour Hote, and The Fall of Tour Hote are all available for $0.99 each.  The War of Tour Hote, which has all three books in one omnibus edition is down from $7.99 to $2.99.

If urban fantasy or super hero stories are your deals, try The Trials of Adrian Campbell.
Pushing Back and Shifting Gears are both $0.99 each instead of $2.99.

For a limited time the Advanced Readers Copy of Darkblade is back for the Kindle as well as the Nook.  It’s just $0.99 until the re-formatted and edited second edition comes online before January.  The second edition will probably sell at #2.99 or better as well.

Prices end on the new year.  I’m sorry to sound like a used car salesman but I’m serious about putting my books out before the new ones go on sale.

Don’t take my word for it!  See for yourself at Barnes and Noble and!

Happy reading, and Merry Christmas!

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