Introducing Fridays On Demand!

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A ninja I work with (You think I’m joking, don’t you?) asked me to do a specific review for him.
I’m going to try a new feature to draw readers.  It’s entirely self-serving in many ways.
1] I don’t get killed by a ninja.  I mean, I don’t mysteriously vanish from work and home with no evidence of anything ever happening to me.
2] It will draw more people, readers mean more sales for myself and others.
3] This is a much easier path to success than the previous plan to conquer the world with my army of flying monkeys.

This week’s Fridays on Demand was for a review of The Host, the novel, and The Host, the movie.
The ninja’s brother would like a review of some Christian fiction as well.
The first review will be one of the most influential works of Christian fiction in my life, A Wolf Story by James Byron Huggins.
I’ll have the reviews up before day’s end.

The ninja chose this week’s Friday On Demand.
Do you have a request for next week’s Friday on Demand?!
Leave a comment!  Leave a question!
If It’s a book or movie I haven’t seen, that will give me time to check it out and give it my best review!

Thanks for participating!

I’m excited.

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