Silent Mountain Overtime

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Writing The Curse of Silent Mountain is heavily into overtime.

My point of view is that it isn’t a missed deadline, it’s additional awesome.

To put things into perspective, The Rogue of An Dinas was 45,000 words long.  That’s 80 pages of single-spaced words on my word processor.  The Curse of Silent Mountain is at 145,000 words and counting, and is over 220 pages long so far.  So the delay is much longer than between smaller books.

When I originally plotted this series, it was for 20 books at around 50,000 words each.  The Curse of Silent Mountain came into its current form when the plot lines of books two through four were so closely intertwined that I could either start the series with a sequence of cliff-hanger novels, or I could write one novel with three books worth of plot arcs inside it.

I chose option B.  The Curse of Silent Mountain is now the second-longest novel that I’ve ever written, and it’s heading steadily for 2nd place.

I would love to tell you more, but I have to go write more!


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