5-Days of Darkblade! Free Kindle ebook!

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To celebrate the switch to Kindle Unlimited, my standalone space opera adventure Darkblade is available on Amazon.com for $0.00 Monday through Friday this week!  (11-16-2015 through 11-20-2015).

Starships, swords, sorcery, chases, battles, and an ancient mystery await in this excellent introduction to my fictional world!

Darkblade Kindle Cover

[This Second Edition has been updated with new maps, table of contents, re-edited and released for the tenth anniversary of its first publication in 2004.]


Caith Moore is Mighty, one of the enhanced warriors that fight the battles between every Great House of the Overlords for dominance in the Hyperspace Web. Each house has its own brand of enhancement, and Caith wields supernatural Powers as well as the fearsome Mnemonic implant. He is the greatest warrior of his generation. But when his best friend reaches to the only forbidden power, Faith, Caith must put him down. Now he is bent on revenge. He will find the Fanatics who made him kill his friend, and bring them to justice.

But the Fanatic captain Deacon Rider is on a quest of his own. He has a lead on a Black Ship, an ancient artifact of untold power that could deliver his people from oppression once and for all. The two will race across the Hyperspace Web in a contest that can have only one winner, with the fate of a hundred worlds hanging in the balance.

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