The Pilgrim's Chapel as a book cover

Unlimited Announcement!

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My novels are now available on Kindle Unlimited at!

If you have a Kindle Unlimited or an Amazon Prime subscription, the adventures in the Hyperspace Web (Darkblade), beneath the Shifting Skies (St. Gavin’s Ghost), in the mean streets of the Shadow War (The Trials of Adrian Campbell), and the epic struggles of Lagrandil (The Song of Lagrandil) are available for free to read or borrow!

While my books will no longer be available for sale on Barnes &’s Nook, they should continue to support any novels already purchased.

If you aren’t a subscriber, my books are still available for sale at their regular low prices, and this holiday season will see a series of promotional deals, starting with a $0.00 free e-book sales event rolling through the holidays beginning with Darkblade!

Be sure to like, subscribe, or follow for more news about upcoming books and sales!

The Pilgrim's Chapel as a book cover
This is the cover image for the first novel in my new series.

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