Nook Closed for Renovation

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I am in the process of updating the Song of Lagrandil series for the Nook on Barnes and

For the past year I have engaged in a read-through edit of the trilogy, my largest piece by far.  The trilogy together is roughly the length of War and Peace.


It’s going to take a little bit to get through the editing and re-formatting process to provide an updated copy of The Slave of Tour HoteThe Lord of Tour Hote, and The Fall of Tour Hote.

The trilogy, The War of Tour Hote, will be off-sale for a considerably longer time.  Unless it is specifically requested.  The omnibus was a marketing experiment.  It hasn’t sold or garnered reviews, so there isn’t a large drive to invest the considerable time and money to re-release it.

I hope to have the trilogy available once again on the Barnes and Noble website (with prices increased slightly to reflect the past years’ efforts) by the end of the weekend.

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