Oh yeah, I write books!

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Oh yeah!  I write books!  Once again I have made just enough in royalties to pay the tax preparation guy extra, but I’m officially an author since I have to tell the IRS where the loot comes from.  But let us say that my writing income can be measured in happy meals and not in new cars.
I am currently 175+ pages in book 2 of a series about a semi-steampunk ex-gay Zorro in space character.  I am 100+ pages into book 3 of the Adrian Campbell series.  I have an outline of book 4 in the Lagrandil series sketched out (the saga is going to incorporate 3-book plot arcs I think).  When those 3 are done (maybe this time next year) I’m going to have to see what’s selling and what isn’t.  I have four or five ideas for new series if none of these do well.  If you enjoy a series I have written and you want to see more of it, well, leave a written review, buy a copy for a friend… sales and reviews are the only things that really drive sales other than cover art!


  1. Hi Bruce!

    It’s UiHua, the Asian kid who used to work with you in CK. Funny enough, I was in the midst of moving when I found some stuff that reminded me of you and I thought of looking you up. Glad to see you’re a published author now!

    Would love to catch up with you to see how you’re doing 🙂

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