Oh yeah, I write books!

Oh yeah!  I write books!  Once again I have made just enough in royalties to pay the tax preparation guy extra, but I’m officially an author since I have to tell the IRS where the loot comes from.  But let us say that my writing income can be measured in happy meals and not in new cars.
I am currently 175+ pages in book 2 of a series about a semi-steampunk ex-gay Zorro in space character.  I am 100+ pages into book 3 of the Adrian Campbell series.  I have an outline of book 4 in the Lagrandil series sketched out (the saga is going to incorporate 3-book plot arcs I think).  When those 3 are done (maybe this time next year) I’m going to have to see what’s selling and what isn’t.  I have four or five ideas for new series if none of these do well.  If you enjoy a series I have written and you want to see more of it, well, leave a written review, buy a copy for a friend… sales and reviews are the only things that really drive sales other than cover art!

3 thoughts on “Oh yeah, I write books!

  1. Hi Bruce!

    It’s UiHua, the Asian kid who used to work with you in CK. Funny enough, I was in the midst of moving when I found some stuff that reminded me of you and I thought of looking you up. Glad to see you’re a published author now!

    Would love to catch up with you to see how you’re doing 🙂

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