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I haven’t done a review of a gay film in a while (Jamie Marks is Dead does not count no matter what advertising click-baiters might say).  I find them a fascinating exercise, because they are usually an intricate weave of true and valid desires (fellowship, physical safety, compassion, and love) tangled up in some of the most deplorable propaganda (God-hating caricatures, sexually exploitative superficiality, the confusion between sexuality and intimacy, etc.) that parsing them can be a real treat.

Some of them are very well done, and some of them make me almost as nauseated as the American Pie films.  I am thinking of tackling an indie film called Chameleon whose trailer I came across.  It has elements of court drama, psychological drama, and biographical narrative.

The producer sees the film as about bullying (which I condemn but feel awareness is worse than useless about), gun control (seriously?!?!), and gay rights (which rights?).  I have a feeling we have strong concerns aimed in very different ways on these issues, but it looks more like a genuine film than a low-quality semi-porn film (which let’s be honest homosexual media has NO corner on in terms of drama, romance, or even comedy).

We shall see.

My weekend will be spent on the road as I have a double-appointment for Haidong Gumdo, and what time I am not driving or training needs to go to editing or writing my own stuff.

Other candidates for my next homosexual film review might be an older film, Payers for Bobby, or the recently released Brazilian The Way he Looks, as both seem non-porny and dramatically interesting for other reasons.  If anyone has strong feelings one way or the other, chime on in now.

Whichever film I review will get a good fisking.  We’ll look at the good, the bad, and the message.

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