Gray Wanderer series

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Joy of Joys:

While re-organizing I found the original brainstorming workbook for the Gray Wanderer series.


  • 18+ part series told in short (for me) novel-length episodes
  • The first Gray Wanderer series focuses on the civilization where humanity landed, deal with the rediscovery of technology as well as humanity’s past on the planet.  It’s going to be 6-7 novels long.
  • The second Gray Wanderer series will branch out to the scattered pockets of civilization across the land, introduce some alien civilization plots.  It’s going to be 6-7 novels long.
  • The final series will tie the world’s civilizations together, deal with aliens, and start to grow roots towards the rise of the Orion Kingdom and the later series.  It’s going to be 3-4 novels long.

I have a tendency to run to long word counts, and I will be surprised if episode two comes in under 100k works when episode 1 was a mere 45k or so.

This notebook has about a year’s worth of prewriting on the final trilogy’s characters, details about the populations and economics of colonies I worked through as an escape from Calc III, and some other projects as well.

Just thought I’d share for those who care…

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