For Slave Shadows

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I don’t often get a chance to hear direct feedback about my books.  But today provided an interesting treat.  A friend of mine started reading Slave of Tour Hote and it went something like this:

[What follows is not a spoiler, per se, but it does reveal some inside-baseball character notes that I have not divulged before.]

Just hit chapter 16 and I don’t get to tell authors this ever, so your special Bruce. Damn your cliff hangers.
Hehe… Thank you very much.
*looks up chapter 16*
Its a couple back roughly every other chapter has made me curse your cliff hangers
Um… 😀
I will say that gaming with / knowing. you does make the foreshadowing a little easier to spot.
I learned pacing from Saturday morning cartoons. Make sure the ADD little buggers have no choice but come back after break
Lol works for me
Oh? Peter, Heidi, and I have read the books. It would be great to hear what you think will happen from my foreshadowing…
Slave boy inheriting an entire kingdom and or converting it to christianity
Which slave? The slave to law (Hengist), the slave to duty (Richard), the slave of power (Helen), or the slave of fear (Sven)?.. And I think I have never given that detail away before…
One way to find out…
Working. On it
Ha. Wait until you meet the Slave of the Past, the Slave of Grace, and the Slave of Pride, and the Slave of Desire. They are all fun….
Now, gentle readers, I could tell you if he’s right or not.  I could even list the unnamed Slaves in the story for you, but that would be telling when you can find out for yourselves!

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