A Quick Blerb about Gotham

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Gotham‘s first two episodes have surprised me.  They’re a good bit better than I thought they would be.

Ben McKenzie and Jada Pinkett Smith carry the Batman prequel with unrelenting charisma in their respective roles of young Detective James Gordon, and Fish Moonie, a new character for the mythology who is an up and coming crime boss.

The late-depression noir feel of Gotham has always carried the most memorable flavor to this fabled mythological city, and the producers have managed to capture that in a world of cell phones and computer screens.

I have some bones about Sean Pertwee’s Alfred Pennyworth, not because I don’t like the actor but because Alfred’s stoic British reserve is nowhere to be seen in this performance.  Perhaps it’s an aspect of area growth.

I only made it through one episode of David Mazouz’s previous series, but he gives a pretty good showing as 13-year-old, recently orphaned Bruce Wayne.  He’s got the dramatic acting background to handle the trauma, but the flashes of deeper strength that showed up in episode two hint that the writers have more in store for Bruce Wayne than bit-part window dressing.

The young actress who deserves the most mention is Camren Bicondova playing the role of Selena Kyle.  In the pilot I thought two much was made of pre-Catwoman, but the street urchin who sees everything has turned around and become a pivotal plot point very quickly in the series.  So, I will play along for now.

The urban-Zorro ninja fighting of the comics is nowhere to be seen.  This is Jim Gordon’s point of view, and he’s a tough cop with integrity and a spine.  The police procedural elements do not lag too badly as social conflicts abound between young Gordon and the decadent GCPD’s complacency.

There is some promise.

I am not a huge Flash fan, but I hadn’t been a Green Arrow fan before the latest reboot, so I will be giving that a try along with Arrow’s third season.  Of course season five of The Walking Dead can’t come soon enough!

I’m about halfway through Martin’s last Game of Thrones novel so I will review that when I can.

In writing news, there may be writing news.

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