Ninja Turtle Hope

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I discovered that WalMart has copies of the live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film from 1990.  For those of you who have yet to recover from Michael Bay’s rendition of the Turtles as played by the Incredible Hulk, I refer you to a much lower-budget treatment of the turtles.

Yes, Splinter is a Muppet, but there are the following perks:
*The plot very closely follows the original graphic novels.
*The dudes in the costumes are real martial artist stuntmen with actual moves.
*The Foot Clan is what it started out as: a cult of ninjas and teenage thieves, not a collection of Iraq War/SWAT super-soldiers with assault rifles.
*The acting is not incredible, but it is believable.  I can buy that these characters exist in a real world not fueled by Red Bull and exploding paint.

Perhaps it is not as high-octane, but it seemed to have much more heart and holds a special place in mine.

WalMart sold it to me for $5.  This is well worth a happy meal, folks….

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