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I have pieces of three novel disassembled in the mental tool shed right now.  Crystal Valley is book four in the Song of Lagrandil series.  The first Gray Wanderer story is coming together in St. Gavin’s Ghost.  At the same time, book three in The Trials of Adrian Campbell, titled Giant’s Rage, just won’t stop throwing interesting ideas at the back of my mind like a dartboard.

While driving around I have a copy of the rough audio book Pushing Back.  I’m currently going back through it to see what glitches and things we need to do in terms of call-backs, what can be done editing, et cetera.  This is the equivalent of a garage band, so we will get slammed for quality no matter what we do.  I hope that the content of the story, and the feel of the audio book is more like having an excited friend tell you a story than going to some sort of Book Recital.

At the very least we will all have learned something in the process.

If I could afford to write every day full time for the rest of my life I do not think I could get through everything I want to tell.

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