Summer Blues Gay Film Roulette [Spoilers]

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I put this in my religious rants blog, but it is primarily a review of the short gay film Summer Blues (2002) and how gay cinema sometimes fuels negative ideas about the homosexual lifestyle.

Bruce the Monk

One of the things that I want to do with my life is try to be a Christian who reaches out in love to the homosexual community.

I try and stay tuned in to some of the media and culture involved when I can.  That may seem counter-intuitive, like “how could you do that you’re just setting yourself up for a fall!”

First of all, the world’s rules “do not touch, do not taste” have no value in restraining licentiousness.  We carry our sin around with us and walking around obsessing over “Don’t look, don’t think, don’t, don’t don’t” can lead to sin the same way that a poor man can be as money-obsessed as a Wall Street Tycoon.  This doesn’t touch on my battles really, so I don’t stress, and it isn’t for anyone else to judge.

Secondly, dragging these stories into the open air sometimes shows the profound…

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