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Dr. Takuda is on the faculty of California State University at Pico Mundo. He teaches twenthieth-century American literature.

Considering that the modern and contemporary literature taught in most universities is largely bleak, cynical, morbid, pessimistic, misanthropic dogmatism, often written by suicidal types who sooner or later kill themselves with alcohol or drugs, or shotguns, Professor Takuda was a remarkably cheerful man.
-Dean Koontz, Odd Thomas

Mr. Koontz has put more truth in fiction, with a clever voice about it, than I think I have ever managed.

I wanted to share this bonus quote because I found it oh so true getting my English degree, and it explains why I write graphic novels without pictures as opposed to summoning my pretention and attempting to commit literature.

(Besides, did you see how many nominalizations that required?  Stylistic horror!)

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