Bonus Whale: Punches and Jordan

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A dear friend of mine writes satire cartoons.  You can find his work at Jump the Shark.  My friend is Jump who is a Shark.  The semi-regenerate such-and-such is a pun addict.  The fiend.  I am also represented in the cast, and it turns out that not only am I part of the cast, but one of his comic strips contains both literary criticism (hence appropriate here) and the appearance of the character who is pretty much yours truly, the local Lutheran literati.  (See, alliterations are far superior to puns in every way.)  In fairness, I am pretty much round like a whale, and outspoken with some violent hobbies, so the choice of character is apt.  If you enjoyed this, please check out more of his work here.


Jump the Shark Meet the Cast -- Liam


  1. Liam is not a direct ripoff of you. He’s just strongly influenced by you. Just as Jump takes my habits of thought and cranks them up to eleven, being perfectly willing to assert as self-evident conclusion what I only surmise in theory, so Liam is you, played by Christopher Judge in an orca suit, as a videogame antihero inspired by Knuckles from Sonic the Hedgehog.

    Fiction has to be Better than Life, because as exciting as life is in person, it needs exaggeration to be memorable on paper.

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