Because I am evil.

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A pair of awesome posts from a theology nerd of my acquaintance are worth repeating. So I am repeating them.

(Love - Truth) = Hate

Why is murder bad?

Why doesn’t God like murder?  I mean, he can just snap his fingers and bring the dead back to life, right?

Murder has no eternal consequences.

But sometimes you just want to kill someone.  Even if it’s just for a moment.  Your friend says something insensitive.  Your spouse spends the day watching TV instead of looking after you.  You wish, for just a moment, you could wrap your hands around their throat and…

And that’s the problem.  Sure, most of us, by the grace of God, keep this contained most of the time.  But it’s there.  Even those of us who do not kill are, at heart, murderers.

And adulterers.  And thieves.

And that has eternal consequences.

Friday is good because we are evil.

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