Noah: Genesis as told by Satan. Part One: [Spoilers]

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For those of you who are not about to take my advice, and want to witness it for yourself, or if you want a really quick education on what Satanic propaganda looks like, you should know that a ton of spoilers are about to ensue.

For the rest of you, this major big-budget film, while insidious and disgusting on many levels, is well-cast, beautifully acted, rich in graphics, much higher drama than I expected, and aesthetically pleasing in many ways.  It really does deserve a complete workup and analysis.  But I don’t have time since I have a job interview tomorrow morning more than two hours outside of town.  So here is the crash-course in how horrible a beautiful and well-made movie can truly be.


The magic skin of Satan (as a snake) from the garden of Eden is how the faithful anoint their children at puberty, while they live off of moss and the Creator’s invisible power.
That’s right folks.  Satan’s body = baptism/circumcision.The Watchers are fallen angels.  Fallen angels fell because men sinned and they loved men SO much that they wanted to come down and help us, but God forbade it.  So they came to help us anyway, and mean old God warped them and trapped them in rock and refused their prayers for mercy and forgiveness.  [I shit you not, folks.  This line is straight out of old-school Alistair Crowley Satanism 1.0.  The Satanic party line is part of the mythology of the story.]
Noah attempts infanticide to save the world from the corrupt presence of people thereby restoring Eden.  Yep.  Noah is an abortionist and that is how to purify the planet.  Kill all the people so that creation can be right.
Noah’s sons Shem and Japheth don’t pass or hit (respectively) puberty and their wives don’t exist so we have to have some new babies so that they can be pedophiles later on in life.
The sin of man is not about how we treat men.  It is about how we treat nature.
The only person accurately quoting scripture’s command for man and creation is the murdering semi-cannibalistic bad guy.  Put God’s true word in the hands of the villain and Satanism a-la Greenpeace in the mouth of Noah.
Methuselah is Gandalf.  Deal with it.  There is even a you shall not pass moment where he slaughters hundreds of people to save the poor innocent demons fallen angels after the creation of cities and industry corrupted them all.
God wants people to live as hunter-gatherers, never mind that 60-80% infant mortality rate.
People eat meat before the flood.
Noah is appointed to judge people guilty, because God saw that he would be a good judge.  The arc is his instrument not his salvation.  His mission is to kill everyone and have men die out.  He fails and men survive.  Noah’s redemption as a hero is to reject God’s plan for the flood and let his family live.
But God is OK with that, returns the magic skin of Satan so the church can continue to bless future generations.
Noah doesn’t call anyone to repentance.  The ark is there because they need to die.

The ark is built by Noah’s pet demons.  Literally.

There is more.  There is so much more.  But this should suffice for now.


  1. Bruce I have seen the previews and after watching them and reading your review, I have to admit this is probably one of the worst attacks not only on christians but on the church as a whole, that O.have seen in recent years. Not only is this movie filled with sheer lies, and absolute blasphemous details, it sickens me. The audacity of Hollywood and the producers of this movie to take one of the fundamental truths of the Bible and twist it so grotesquely shows just how deep and far from our foundation this country has truly fallen. I understand everyone has the right yo their own beliefs but to pass this off as a “Christian or Biblical” film as is to say that whales are the largest land animal and the lion is the oceans fiercest predator. An absolutely disgusting display of cinematography. I WILL NOT GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

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