Garth grows up

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Hey readers.

For those of you who follow the Adrian Campbell series, I thought I would share a treat.  The last we saw Garth Hamburg (Little Darth Humbug) he was mostly around for comic relief.  Giant’s Rage gets started nearly two years later, and the squeaky freshmen is almost all growed [sic] up.  I was doing some plotting to speed my way though the Big Swampy Middle and felt Garth had earned a full write-up (that’s right, he’s back in book 3).  I have included similar notes on Adrian so that it is clear how Garth reflects/embodies part of my main hero’s character.

If you need the secret decoder ring for these notes, check out my post on Aspects and Worldbuilding.


HC: Arc-Fallen Reaper Hero
T: Power in the Shadow War
Killer ID
Ghosts of the Past
Werewolf hating Werewolf
Have Sword, Will travel
Bright and Shining Angel
6’1” 190 lbs. Hazel eyes, brown hair, age 38.
Shifter / Pusher / Revenant
TAGS: Color-changing hazel eyes; brown hair; green army tent coat; sword;
TRAITS: Wise-ass inner monologue; complete disregard for convention; self-depreciating
STYLE: fencing, Korean stylist, Christian, improvise!, serious,

High Concept: Revenant Reaper Sidekick
Trouble: Linked to Adrian Campbell
Former Uber-Nerd
Enthusiastic Idealist
Take the Hit like Krillin
Krav Maga and Endless Practice
Still a 17-Year Old Kid


  1. Dude, if I gave the plot away I wouldn’t be able to spend the next three months torturing you before the release on Amazon and Barnes and Noble!

    Then how would I have my fun?

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