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Hello Readers!

I wanted to thank all of you who made the Christmas sale a huge success.  Sales increased by over 100% for the month of December!  If you liked what you read, please feel free to leave a comment or a recommendation!  Your reviews make sales, which makes money, which pays for me to take time to write more books!  None of it could happen without your support!

The Christmas Sale has officially ended as we medieval Christians pass from the season of Christmas to Epiphany.  The normal sales prices are in the works as we speak.  It is theoretically possible that you can still get a copy for the Christmas Sale price before the update goes through, but I wouldn’t give it more than an hour or two from the time of this posting.  I wouldn’t be upset either way.  I’d rather make the sale than not.

The search for a new day job has slowed writing down somewhat (however ironic that might be), but work continues on Giant’s Rage, book three in the Trials of Adrian Campbell, as well as on Saint Gavin’s Ghost, a prequel in the world of Lagrandil set before the rise of the Orion Kingdom.  Then of course there is book four in the Song of Lagrandil to write.  The working title is The Pirates’ King.

So many stories to tell and 40 years old is coming up fast!  I hope I get them all written in time!

Thank you all, God Bless, and Merry Christmas!


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