Vehicle 19: Failure to Launch

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Vehicle 19 has come to video recently, and I thought it was worth a watch.   Everything on the cover promised a movie that I would enjoy.

The supposed premise: A criminal trying to go straight gets caught up in a kidnapping goes wrong, but these kidnappers have chosen the wrong criminal.  With hot driving and a lot of action he eventually wins the day.

But as the movie played out it became increasingly clear that the packaging lied.  Michael Woods (the able action star Paul Walker) isn’t out trying to go straight.  We see in his paperwork that he’s ditching his parole in order to flee the country to Jamaica.  His girlfriend calls him on the phone and asks if he was stopping at a liquor store (it’s apparent that alcohol had something to do with his felony) and Woods lies to his girlfriend as we see a pair of liquor bottles right next to him.

So the film’s actual premise is that one lying scumbag gets caught up by corrupt officials and doesn’t get dead, while violently being a lying scumbag to others.

I ejected the DVD 20 minutes in.

The moral here is that in order for your audience to care about your story there has to be at least one character they can root for.  Scumbag on scumbag action just doesn’t do it for a heart with any morals in it.

Skip this movie.  Maybe vehicle 20 has a real person inside.

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